The OCA Alliance is a non-profit corporation formed to secure the standardization of the Open Control Architecture (OCA) as a media networking system control standard for professional applications.

The Alliance’s purposes are to promote the standardization and adoption of OCA through marketing, education and training, and to develop new OCA versions and related materials that increase the value and usability of OCA as an interoperability tool for the media systems industry.

The Alliance was founded in 2011 by nine companiesa. During 2011 and 2012, these companies collaborated intensely to complete the OCA Specification and transmit it to a standards development organization. 

In October of 2012, the Alliance announced its incorporation as a standard nonprofit trade association.  At the same time, the OCA 1.1 Specification was posted on the Alliance website (www.oca-alliance.com) for free public download.

Two weeks later, the Alliance completed arrangements with the Audio Engineering Society for the rendering of OCA 1.1 into an AES standard.  OCA is now a project of the AES Standards Committee, with the designation X210.  Under X210, the standardization of OCA will proceed, with completion expected in 18 to 24 months.

In its new embodiment as a trade association, the Alliance will be undertaking various activities to promote understanding and acceptance of OCA as an emerging basis for widespread interoperability in pro media systems.

At the same time, the Alliance will be supporting the AES X210 effort strongly, by encouraging industry participation in X210, and by supporting X210 meetings in various ways.

In parallel with X210's standardization of OCA 1.1, the Alliance will also be facilitating discussion of future OCA features.  OCA is designed for graceful evolution, and will expand compatibly to embrace new kinds of media devices and systems.

The Alliance's structure is currently simple:  there is a technical group and a management group.  All members are represented in both groups.
As membership expands in the future, the Alliance will grow into a project-oriented organization, with projects defined for various technical, liaison, and outreach themes.

The Alliance intends to have a structure that is lightweight, yet sufficient for orderly and businesslike operation.  The Alliance currently employs an experienced Operations Manager, Ms. Tina Lipscomb, who manages its business affairs, publicity activities, web presence, and meetings.

Most of OCA's technical work is done in periodic teleconferences.  At the moment, there is one weekly teleconference.  In the future, more than one technical stream may arise.

As well, there are periodic face to face meetings with both technical and management sessions.  These meetings are normally scheduled adjacent to major pro media systems tradeshows, including InfoComm, ISE, Plasa, ProLigh+Sound, and AES.

The Alliance is actively inviting new members now. Two levels of membership are available, as follows:

  • Full Membership.  Full members can participate in and vote on everything, and receive all membership benefits.  Cost is USD 10,000 per annum.
  • Associate Membership:  Associate members can participate in and vote on all technical matters, and receive all membership benefits. They cannot buy the System Development Kit at the membership reduced price, nor vote on financial or strategic issues, nor run for board or officer positions. Also, they pay attendance fees to participate in face-to-face meetings.  Cost is USD 1,000 per annum.

Important Documents:
Articles of Incorporation
OCA Brochure


aFounding Member companies include Bosch Communications System, d&b audiotechnik GmbH, Duran Audio, LOUD Technologies, Inc., Media Technology Systems, PreSonus, Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup, TC Group, Yamaha Commercial Audio

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